Magdalene And Yeshua

The Magdalene played its final performance at the Theatre At Saint Clement's on July 14, 2011

Inspired by the Gnostic Gospels of Mary and Thomas, The Magdalene is a stirring love story that includes information intentionally left out when the Bible was compiled in AD 325. Told through a powerful and passionate score, it is a story of the real human beings involved in what is commonly called the greatest story of all time. Mary Magdalene, incorrectly dismissed for almost 2000 years as a "penitent prostitute," may well have been not only a disciple of Jesus, but placed in a position above the other Apostles. Why was a powerful female figure downgraded as the church was created? Why was sexuality expunged from the most important Biblical figures? And what was the real personal connection between Mary and Jesus? These themes, well known to anyone who read The DaVinci Code, have inspired a thrilling new musical that, like Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell, takes a modern look at the world's greatest story of faith and love.

Watch a sneak peek of The Magdalene A Musical Play!